The Okinawan Secret to Health and Longevity

It was a mystery: Why did this the people of Okinawa live such long, healthy lives? In short, part of it could be due to the Okinawa coral calcium. The people who thrived on this island off the coast of Japan enjoyed quick minds, slim bodies and great health and energy well into their 80’s and 90’s.1 They also enjoyed healthier hearts, fewer joint aches, and normal blood sugar levels.

So what was this Okinawan secret to fantastic health? In addition to a healthy plant-based diet and regular physical activity, the calcium in the coral-rich water around the island helped keep the Okinawans vibrant well into their golden years.2 You already know that calcium is good for you. In fact you may already take calcium supplements to support your teeth and bones, but this unsung mineral does a lot more for your health.

. You need calcium for healthy nerve function, muscle health and cell health. If there is not enough calcium in the blood, then the body will take calcium from bones. This is what causes bones to become weak and prone to fracture. Okinawa coral calcium takes regular calcium a step further. And Okinawa happens to be the best source of coral calcium in the world.

  okinawa coral calcium  

Calcium, Super Charged

Coral Calcium is a natural source of 72 trace minerals helping your body maintain overall health and wellness. It’s rich in special marine microbes and other micronutrients that support healthy digestion. Plus, it contains both calcium and magnesium in a biologically perfect 2:1 ratio. Magnesium helps your body use calcium more effectively. As a result, you can experience even more benefits with coral calcium compared to calcium carbonate, the most common form of calcium used in supplements.

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Coral Calcium:

1. Avoid mineral deficiencies. Poor, on-the-run meals are often low in essential vitamins and minerals. Coral calcium is a great way to get high levels of the calcium you need as well as important trace minerals that are lacking in the typical American diets.

2. Restores healthy pH levels. Research shows that when your body is too acidic, it takes calcium from your bones to restore healthy balance. Coral calcium is a natural alkalizer that supports healthy pH levels in your body.

3. Better absorbed. Research also shows that coral calcium is better absorbed compared to calcium carbonate, the form of calcium used in most supplements. This is thought to be due to the 2:1 calcium to magnesium ratio that occurs naturally in coral.

The Best Source of Coral Calcium

Look for a coral calcium supplement that contains at least 1,500mg of coral calcium per dose as well as additional vitamins for extra health support. EffiHealth offers the original Barefoot Coral Calcium Complete which was developed and endorsed by Robert Barefoot.

Barefoot Coral Calcium Complete includes 1,500mg of coral calcium plus abundant levels of Vitamin D3, Vitamins A,C,E and B-complex. It’s a trust supplement that not only supports your bones, but enhances overall health as well. 

Please note that to be safe, our coral calcium is harvested well beyond 1000 meters off shore. It is meticulously accumulated from the bottom of the ocean where coral had broken off the reefs long ago. We do not in any way harm live coral or the reefs. REFERENCES