It’s safe to say that our feet are sometimes our most used, under-appreciated limbs. They often go without any pampering or special treatment, except as an afterthought. When our feet give us pain, they are trying to communicate with us. At times, it may be to point out a bigger issue. Pain on the top of the foot is no exception.

Mild foot pain is often the result of stepping wrong, wearing the wrong shoes, or an injury such as running into something or dropping something heavy on your foot. There are various causes of foot pain as well.

woman with pain on top of foot

Types of Foot Pain

There are multiple causes of foot pain, some more severe than others. If you experience serious or chronic foot pain you may need to seek medical care. Let’s discuss some aches and pains specifically related to the tops of the foot in more detail.

Extensor Tendinitis

Extensor tendons are located at the top of your foot. When you flex or flatten your foot, you are putting these tendons to work. If you are experiencing pain on the top of your foot, it could be related to inflammation of the extensor tendon. These tendons can become bruised or inflamed for multiple reasons, one of them is wearing the wrong shoes.

If your shoes do not provide the proper support or they apply too much pressure to the tendons, it can lead to the tendon becoming inflamed and most likely becoming aching and painful to you. Your foot could swell from extensor tendinitis. Your symptoms may be worse when wearing shoes or performing an activity that causes your foot to move.

Stress Fractures

This pain could come from a stress fracture. Stress fractures are caused by undue stress on the top of the foot, as the name suggests. This undue stress may be caused by something as simple. For example, wearing high-heeled shoes excessively or something more defined like dropping a heavy bowl on the top of your foot. Stress fractures on the top of your feet may only reflect in swelling and pain on the top of your foot. You may never know you have a stress fracture unless you see a doctor who is able to x-ray and diagnose the issue.

Ganglion Cyst

A ganglion cyst is a cyst that forms on the top of your foot. The cyst forms beneath your skin and is typically indicated by a bump. The bump may be sizeable or may be small. Another indicator of the cyst is a sac of fluid on the top of your foot, which also may be recognizable as a lump. Ganglion cysts sometimes require surgery, but a medical professional could potentially drain the cyst as well. These are easier for medical professionals to diagnose as you can see or feel the bump that forms on your foot, which is the cyst.

Arthritis, Gout, and Physical Ailments

Pain on the top of your foot may simply be caused by natural physical ailments, such as gout, arthritis and other illnesses. Arthritis is one of the leading causes of top of the foot pain because the tops of your feet are a myriad of bones and joints.

Diabetes and gout are other common ailments that can lead to foot pain. Our feet are easily attacked by these illnesses specifically because of the bones, joints, tendons, and abundance of nerves located in our feet. These may be accompanied with redness, swelling, and numbness.

How Can I Find Support for My Foot Pain?

Foot pain can sometimes be dealt with without seeing a doctor or relying on medication for relief. Remember that if you experience chronic or serious pain, you should see a medical professional. Mild foot pain not caused by injury could be supported with a topical analgesic. Raging Kakapo Pain Relief Cream is a topical pain relief cream that promotes pain relief and can provide support for tenderness and swelling when applied. Mild foot pain could also be supported through the use of a heating pad, ice pack, or a brace. These forms of support are simple and may be used at home.

Our feet are one of the biggest stimulators in our bodies and when they suffer, we suffer. Top of the foot pain is very uncomfortable and could really bring us down. It’s important to take care of your feet. This includes addressing these pain issues as they appear.