Barefoot Coral Calcium Complete™ 90 Capsules

Barefoot Coral Calcium Complete™ 90

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  • Since 1998--The Original Barefoot Brand.
  • Made With Ecologically Harvested Marine Coral From Okinawa, Japan
  • Contains Vitamin D3 And Other Health Supporting Nutrients†
  • Calcium To Magnesium At 2:1 Ratio.
  • 1500 mg Of Coral Calcium Per Serving.
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For nearly a generation, The "Original" Barefoot Coral Calcium Complete has been America's trusted coral calcium leader in both quality and value--selling millions of bottles along the way. Barefoot Coral Calcium Complete utilizes ecologically harvested marine grade coral calcium from Okinawa, Japan, and is endorsed by Robert Barefoot. When it comes to pedigree, quality, and value--the "Original" is still the best. Compare our quality and price to the competition. We are confident you will choose Barefoot Coral Calcium Complete!


March 12, 2017 | By KH
“Been using it for years now and it is AWESOME!!!” *
*Results may vary.


September 7, 2016 | By Danielle L.
“I have been taking it for years.” *
*Results may vary.


August 29, 2016 | By mizer1
“This is my favorite calcium!” *
*Results may vary.


July 19, 2016 | By William B.
“It has helped my weight control.” *
*Results may vary.


January 8, 2017 | By S. Harrison
“This has become a must-have supplement.  I will never be without it. I LOVE this product!”
*Results may vary.

What are the benefits of Barefoot Coral Calcium Complete?
In addition to calcium and magnesium, Barefoot Coral Calcium Complete contains an abundance of trace minerals—a bonus only found in coral calcium.  The fossilized coral calcium found in Barefoot Coral Calcium Complete retains many of these elements supporting daily health. 

Why is Vitamin D3 important?
Vitamin D3 is one of the most vital nutrients in the body to support overall health. Vitamin D3 helps the body absorb calcium and promotes bone health.

Are there other vitamins in Barefoot Coral Calcium Complete besides Vitamin D3?
Yes.  It also contains Vitamins A, C, E, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12.

Can I take The Original Barefoot Coral Calcium Complete with my medication?
Although there has never been an issue with taking The Original Barefoot Coral Calcium Complete with any medication, we recommend that you ALWAYS seek the advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you many have regarding a medical condition(s) before taking this or any other product.

How is the coral calcium in Barefoot Coral Calcium Complete harvested?
The Okinawa prefectural government maintains strict guidelines for protecting the coral of Okinawa. The reefs of Okinawa extend to approximately 500 meters off shore. To be safe, our coral calcium is harvested well beyond 1000 meters off shore. It is meticulously accumulated from the bottom of the ocean where coral had broken off the reefs long ago. We do not in any way harm live coral or the reefs.