Pain Management with Chili Peppers: Why Your Muscles Will Love Capsaicin.

Would you ever expect that you could find powerful relief from muscle aches through a chili pepper? Capsaicin pain relief comes as a surprise for many. For those of you well acquainted with aches and pains, you know the most common methods for relief are acetaminophen or NSAID. You may even be acquainted with more less- known, natural forms of relief like stretching or yoga to increase flexibility! It could be a surprise to you to learn that chili peppers harbor a strong component with an ability to provide quick and noticeable relief— capsaicin.1

What is Capsaicin?

Capsaicin is the active element in chili peppers which provides a “heating effect”.2 Topical application has been found to effectively promote pain relief for muscle and joint pains in the body. Capsaicin has even been show to promote relief from fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis. This makes it a true liberator to those who suffer from the burden of these pains on a daily basis!2 Capsaicin comes in a variety of forms: gel, pack, topical cream, ointment, and lotion.1

Behind the Magic— How Does it Work?

The magic behind capsaicin and its ability to promote pain relief lies behind its ability to activate nerve receptors.2 Substance P is a chemical that can be found at your nerve endings; it sends signals to your brain to let you process the experience of pain.1 Capsaicin reduces that amount of Substance P at the location which it is applied. This allows you to get pain relief in combination with a warming sensation.1

Raging Kakapo Pain Relief Cream & Capsaicin

If you experience muscle or joint aches regularly, you probably feel a sense of frustration by how your body bogs you down. While mentally, you may be ready to tackle the day, but even mundane tasks have grown more difficult because of your physical pain. Raging Kakapo Pain Relief Cream is the culmination of years of research, specifically designed to provide powerful relief for those weighed down by daily pain. With 0.025% Capsaicin, Histamine Dihydrocholoride, and a variety of robust set of natural anti- inflammatory ingredients from the land down under, this authentic pain cream delivers noticeable relief. Ultimately, getting the proper pain relief is a not only a way to feel better physically, but also a way to get your life back.

The Proper Way to Use Capsaicin

As capsaicin is derived from chili peppers, it is important to be conscious of how to properly use it. After topical application to the local area of pain, be sure to wash your hands. This is to avoid the possibility of forgetting that your hands have touched remnants of a chili pepper, and then accidentally touching your eye or any other area you would not want to apply the cream. Since capsaicin provides a warming effect, it is best to avoid any further means of heating the area which it has been applied. Keep heating pads, hot cloths, or direct sunlight away from the area with applied cream. This way, the sensational warming effect is not amplified more than desired. When used as guided, capsaicin has the ability to transform discomfort and limitations to freedom and flexibility!   Author: Julie
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