Does green tea help with weight loss?

Green Tea and Weight Loss: Factual or Fake?

Green Tea Helping with Weight Loss: Factual or Fake? Cellulite, tight pants, bloating— carrying around extra weight bogs you down in more than just one way. Being overweight puts not only your confidence but also health at risk. You may have already asked yourself: how can I make a change? You’re not alone.What about the…
Let's discuss the CoQ10 benefits

Coq10 Benefits: Energize Your Heart and Brain at the Same Time

Coq10 Benefits: The Wonder Compound that Energizes Your Heart, Brain, and Circulation all at the Same Time There’s an important nutrient your body needs to maintain your heart, keep your energy level up, and support your brain. It’s a powerful antioxidant called Coenzyme Q10—or CoQ10 for short. What are the CoQ10 benefits? CoQ10 is the…
boswellia for pain is a legitimate choice

Boswellia for Pain: Soothing Joint Pain For Centuries

Boswellia: Soothing Joint Pain For Centuries Achey knees…throbbing hands…Lingering Soreness…Joint Pain is often written off as a symptom of “getting older”, but lingering discomfort doesn’t have to come with aging. And those with arthritis don’t have to settle for compromising their daily routines and “just dealing with it”. Boswellia for pain is actually a legitimate…
are acai bowls healthy

Are Acai Bowls Healthy? — Yes, and Here’s Why.

Acai – Healthy or Hype? If you’ve ever wanted to lose weight, you’ve probably heard of Açai. It’s a superfood that’s been a dietary staple for people living in the Amazon rain forest for centuries—and it was wildly popular several years ago remedy for weight loss.The açai berry is a little smaller than a grape…
FDA pain management

FDA Approves Two All-Natural Choices for Pain Management

FDA Approves Two All-Natural Pain Relievers In the United States, 23% of all adults suffer from joint discomfort of some kind.1 In their desperate search for relief, folks will try just about any treatment out there. This often includes common over-the-counter methods of relief such as acetaminophen or NSAID, as sources of FDA pain management….
There are ways to naturally improve your gut health.

Your Immune Health + Your Gut = Perfect Partnership

The Probiotic Spore That Powers Up Immune Health You probably know that supplements are good for your digestive health. These friendly bacteria help balance your intestinal tract and helps your digestion run smoothly. There are, however, ways to naturally improve your gut health. But did you also know that probiotics are important for supporting immune…
youthful looking skin is one of the many benefits of grape seed extract.

Age-Proof Your Heart, Skin and Cells with this Secret Compound

The Secret Grape Compound that Makes Your Body Age-Proof (and it’s NOT Resveratrol) Chances are you’ve heard about the health benefits of red wine, which is rich in a polyphenol called resveratrol. But did you know that there’s another part of the grape plant that also delivers some remarkable health benefits? So, let’s talk about…