FDA pain management

FDA Approves Two All-Natural Choices for Pain Management

FDA Approves Two All-Natural Pain Relievers In the United States, 23% of all adults suffer from joint discomfort of some kind.1 In their desperate search for relief, folks will try just about any treatment out there. This often includes common over-the-counter methods of relief such as acetaminophen or NSAID, as sources of FDA pain management….
There are ways to naturally improve your gut health.

Your Immune Health + Your Gut = Perfect Partnership

The Probiotic Spore That Powers Up Immune Health You probably know that supplements are good for your digestive health. These friendly bacteria help balance your intestinal tract and helps your digestion run smoothly. There are, however, ways to naturally improve your gut health. But did you also know that probiotics are important for supporting immune…
youthful looking skin is one of the many benefits of grape seed extract.

Age-Proof Your Heart, Skin and Cells with this Secret Compound

The Secret Grape Compound that Makes Your Body Age-Proof (and it’s NOT Resveratrol) Chances are you’ve heard about the health benefits of red wine, which is rich in a polyphenol called resveratrol. But did you know that there’s another part of the grape plant that also delivers some remarkable health benefits? So, let’s talk about…
There are ways to increase mental sharpness as you age.

5 Methods To Increase Mental Sharpness as You Age!

5 Methods to Increase Sharpness as You Age! Aging can be both a gracious and challenging process, and maintaining mental sharpness throughout it is an ability that plagues many. Studies have determined that the hippocampus, a location in the brain responsible for memory, tends to shrink as we age.3 The process of remembering new information can…
Joint stretches

3 Ways to Stretch Away Joint and Muscle Aches

3 Ways to Stretch Away Joint and Muscle Aches If staying active is an important part of your life but creaky knees, ankles, backs and other joint aches make walking, running and other activities difficult, Try stretching the pain away with these joint stretches! You can do these simple exercises just about anywhere, and you…