Behind every adult aging with grace & good health lies an array of healthy habits. Aging brings on physiological changes which in turn has the ability to affect daily living. But that doesn’t mean aging has to be a negative experience. You’ve heard of all of the ways to embrace health aging- exercise, diet, challenging your mind & memory.

However, what many don’t realize is that as we age, like many other facets of life, our nutritional needs change. Paying attention to what those new nutritional requirements our bodies need has the ability to boost not only our health, but our quality of living as well. Integrating healthy snacks for seniors into daily routines can actually support health in more ways that it seems!

Reasons for New Nutritional Needs in Older Adults

1. Natural Physiological Changes: Many older adults tend to experience a decrease in metabolism as well as energy requirements. This means that there is not a need for as much food compared to a younger adult. In addition to this, many older adults tend to be less active. All of these factors have the ability to alter the quantity food being eaten, as well as call for food harboring specific nutrients. Research also indicates that the ability to absorb nutrients in the body is not as efficient, furthering that need for nutrient requirements.2

2. Conditions & Medications: Both medications and chronic conditions have the ability to affect nutrients in the body. Medications have the ability to alter nutrients in the body due to drug-nutrient interactions.2

Vitamins & Nutrients Needed Especially for Older Adults

Nutrient requirements vary depending on the individual. But what many do not realize is there are specific nutrients the average older adult should be integrating into their daily diet. In fact, there is even a modified food guide pyramid designated for older adults of 70 years and older.2

The following micronutrients & macronutrients are commonly found in inadequate amounts in older adults:

Vitamin E
Vitamin B6 1
Vitamin B12 5
Vitamin D 3
Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Fiber 4

Healthy Snacks for Seniors Helping to Meet Nutritional Needs

1. Deviled Eggs with Smoked Paprika
2. Greek Yogurt with Blueberries
3. Carrots & Cucumbers with Hummus
4. Lox
5. Tuna Salad on Pita Bread
6. Chicken Salad with Walnuts
7. Roasted Almonds
8. Strawberry Banana & Almond Milk Smoothie
9. Frozen banana slices with peanut butter
10. Apples with peanut butter


Obtaining enough nutrients is not only crucial to maintaining good health in general, but especially for supporting healthy aging. But it can be difficult to obtain the right nutrients for healthy aging if you aren’t aware of what to look for. Especially when taking into consideration the convenience of being able to purchase processed foods. Nourishing your body with the right foods can support your mood, health and daily living.

In addition to a modified diet, seniors can also obtain the proper nutrients their body needs with the right supplements. Combining the right eating habits with the right supplements has the potential to transform health and daily living in older adults. Barefoot Coral Calcium Complete provides the body with these very nutrients that are essential for supporting health needs in seniors. Each serving contains calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, vitamins B6 and B12, folate and more! These vitamins are crucial for supporting nutrition and overall health in all individuals, but especially in seniors. 

With a decrease in energy requirements & metabolism, there is often a need to eat less during the day for seniors. That is why it is essential to choose healthy snacks packed with nutrients over processed foods when consuming meals on a daily basis!